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Welcome to Centrally!

As we are sharing office spaces with many we encourage all to think about the whole when making decisions. Here are some tips to keep everything nice and safe for all!

  • Clean up after yourself and any guests with you.
  • Throw food/smelly items out daily in the large dumpster in parking lot
  • No scented sprays, air fresheners or candles (or any fires) allowed (ask manager for options) Essential oils in a diffuser are allowed if not overwhelming to others.
  • When you leave, turn AC controls back to 77, turn off all lights & lock the door behind you.
  • Please keep the door locked even if others are inside unless someone is waiting for visitors. Always better safe than sorry.
  • If you are having a conversation that is getting loud step behind a closed door or go outside.
  • We are a no smoking facility. If you do need to smoke we ask that you smoke out by the dumpsters away from the main entrances. Please wash your hands (and face if applicable) as to not irritate other members. 
  • Cameras are placed throughout the office in the main areas. There are no cameras in the bathroom. You are not to alter any cameras.
  • If you have an office, mail will be delivered inside your unit. If you have a desk mail will be placed on your desk. If you are using co-working or virtual plan you must add a mail service to your plan in order to confirm what we should do with your mail.
  • Internet Access ~ All areas have wi-fi. You can log on to:


Password: Available on site

The printer in the work area is Brother HL-L2340D

The scanner in the work area is ADS-1500W

Both should be able to be accessed via your computer or through a brother app on your smartphone.

Your address is as follows: 

627 Cape Coral Pkwy W., Suite 202, ______________ Cape Coral, FL 33914 – you must use the full address provided to you for mail and any marketing. Thank you.

Your entry code will be provided to you. Enter it to unlock door to our office. The main building door code will also be provided to you. The key inside this box is used by everyone so it must always be replaced immediately.

At the present time all shared work areas are available on a first come first served basis but the conference room defaults to an online scheduling system. The link to reserve space is: https://centrally.setmore.com/

If you have facebook please let us know so we can add you to our private group for networking opportunities and updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/405433186539079

For general questions please email CentrallyCapeCoral@gmail.com

For critical needs please text Susan at 239-218-2229.